New Spirit Journal – “Energy Update” a monthly column/Seattle, WA

Each month I give an overview of the energy for the month as well as tips and tools to make the month more enjoyable.


Conscious Shift Magazine – Monthly contributor/online magazine

Conscious Shift is an online magazine where new ideas are taking root for a changing world. 


The New Times - “Intuitively Speaking” a monthly column/Seattle, WA

Each month I answered reader's questions about life’s challenges. At the beginning of my column, I wrote an update for the month. I used an intuitive and energetic approach to my answers, enabling me to get to the root of each person’s particular situation.


Equilibrium - “Intuitive Steps” a monthly column/Tucson, AZ

I intuitively wrote about what “steps” were most beneficial for readers to take each month. I discussed how they could easily achieve these steps, and gave them tools to aid in their process. The column was a light and useful way for readers to gain positive steps towards their goals and a higher way of living.


New Spirit Journal - "Visualization, a Solid Foundation for Success”/Seattle, WA

This how-to article on visualization gave tips and tools on how-to develop a visualization practice. It also gave an understanding of how to release any kind of block that may arise.


New Connexion - "Tools To Master Any Goal"/Portland, OR

This article was on setting, achieving and mastering goals. It walked the reader through simple steps to overcome any hurdle that may block them from their goals.  It also gave an understanding of why goals can be hard to accomplish.



The Point - 96.5fm/Seattle, WA

During this fun, interactive, morning show, I intuitively answered listener's questions relating to many topics. As a monthly guest, I also gave an intuitive outline for the month of how the energy of the planet can effect our lives, as well as the world around us.  


The Mix - 101.9fm/Chicago, IL

Throughout this lively interactive program, I intuitively gave advice to Chicago area singles.


Contact - Talk Radio 1150am/Seattle, WA

Each month, I intuitively spoke on the effect global and community issues have on our lives, and how we can become stronger and more aware because of these issues. I also took listener’s calls and gave intuitive advice.


I'm Thankful Network - KKNW 1150am/Seattle, WA

During this monthly segment, I gave intuitive advice to listeners. The mission for the I'm Thankful Network is to facilitate and create a safe environment for listeners to make a positive difference in their lives. 


Women On Air - WETS 89.5fm/Johnson City, TN

I gave intuitive advice to listeners who called in. Woman On Air is geared towards bringing women’s voices to radio. Susan Lachmann is the host and producer of Women On Air.


Mantz & Mitchell - KKNW 1150am/Seattle, WA

This show is geared towards baby boomers. I gave intuitive advice to listeners who called in.