My practice is about transforming the patterns of the past, so you can live more fully in the present. Once you transform your patterns, your life will no longer be dictated by your past experiences. You will be completely free to choose the life you want, and live it any way you desire.


Have you found your purpose in life?


Do you have a passion?


Are you fulfilled by your relationships?


Do you feel truly happy?


Is your life controlled by an addiction?


Is your mind calm and focused?


Can you manifest your goals?


My work deals with the true meaning of our existence: Learning and growing from our life lessons. You are on this earth to learn something, just like everyone else. You could be a celebrity, a world leader, an executive or just someone walking down the street. We're all the same. Whether you know it or not, you are addressing your fears and working on your patterns, each and every day.


I have been gifted with the ability to see why you are the way you are, identify how your patterns originated, and know what it will take for you to change them. Through my work, you will be given the necessary tools to achieve your goals and find your passion and purpose in life. You will be shown how to access your energy to heal yourself. You will learn to use your intuition and inner knowledge to create the life you want, and master any of life's hurdles.




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Blocked Energy

Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this month, beginning on the 9th then going direct on May 3rd. People typically associate Mercury in retrograde with challenges in communication, as well as computer and car problems. People often say it's not a good time to sign any kind of agreement or contract. I understand where people are coming from; problems can arise when Mercury is in retrograde. From an energetic point of view, Mercury in retrograde causes the energy on the planet to become blocked. Difficulties arise when energy is blocked. Blocked energy can stir up old patterns. Which means you may experience a few of life's lessons during this time. Life lessons and blocked energy does not mean your month will be a disaster. Not even close. Read more...








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