About My Work

I have been intuitive and empathic ever since I can remember. Even when I was a little girl, I heard, felt, and saw the Universe's energy. As an adult, I use those natural gifts to help people to heal and be empowered. I love working with clients one on one, I also love working with children and pets. Clients may come to me to help them with their relationships, careers, and any goals they may have. I can also help clients find their passion and purpose. Client’s will come to me to help them transform and release addictions, ailments, and patterns as well. Transforming and releasing patterns is my specialty.


Being an intuitive and an empath is what I do naturally. Seeing, feeling, and hearing the Universe's Energy is second nature to me. For me, it’s as natural as breathing. I know I am here to learn and grow from my lessons, so I can become more conscious. The more conscious I become, the more fine-tuned my intuition and empathy becomes. Which means I have more to give to my clients.


About Me

As I mentioned above, being an intuitive and empath has always been a part of me. I grew up knowing things about people that they didn’t know about themselves. As a child I could easily communicate with my guides. Yet, I wasn’t allowed to talk about any of it. In fact, I would get into trouble if I said anything. I was also seriously abused as a child. Getting in trouble for what I knew, as well as being abused, were all part of my life lessons. Since I didn’t have the love and support, I turned to the Universe and my Guides. I also communicated with my Father, who passed on when I was young. He has been a loving and supportive Guide for me throughout my life.


All that I have learned has come from the Universe, my Guides, and my Father. There is no school, book, or human that could have taught me what I know. Because of this I am grateful for the childhood I had. Painful yes, but my experience and learning has been vast, and the unconditional love I have received from the Universe has been endless.


In a way my career path was chosen for me. I love what I do, I wake up each day excited to face new challenges. I have seen each of my clients create the lives they’ve always wanted. It is a great high for me to see them flourish and succeed in life. Yes, my past has been painful, yet I know when we face darkness there is nowhere to go but into the light.






My office hours are: Monday - Saturday 9-6pm(pt)

All sessions are by phone.


I reserve the right to charge for canceled or broken appointments
without a 24 hour notice.


If you would like to schedule a session, send me an email.


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