I loved the energy work that Deborah guided me through. After asking me what my intention was for the meditation, Deborah guided me with a clear and gentle way through the meditation and energy work. My experience was so real and tangible, I could feel the difference, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was simple and so powerful. I am incorporating this into my daily meditation practice to maintain my health and well being. - N.H. Seattle, WA



Thank you so much for the healing session. I was struggling so much with my meditations because I didn't understand how to do them to feel any benefit from them. With your guidance of going through a meditation with me step by step and walking me through it, I now have a clearer idea of how I can get the most out of my meditations. - M.B. Bridgeview, IL



Talking with you brought me through the rough spot and I'm on the other side of it now.  Its literally like I was given an opportunity to let go of that pattern.  It was like I swam out further than I realized and wanted my floaties back - and the shore!  But now it feels right and I feel lighter, more focused.  It was big.  BIG.  So, thank you. THANK YOU!! - K.P. Austin, TX



Thank you so much for your help and guidance with the passing of my baby.  It still pains me the trauma and fear she went through.  My heart goes out to you for enduring the reliving of this with her.  She is a very special little soul, I will greatly miss her.  You are an amazing soul to do the work you do. Thank you, you have made this transition easier.  You will always be in my prayers. - P.C. Priest River, ID



Deborah has a way of clearing the fog, so I can see again. - M.R. Chicago, IL



I have to say that my life for the last nine years would have been much more difficult and much darker without the things you've taught and shown me.  I use those lessons every day of my life. I appreciate your example and your presence in my life very much. - S.P. Bellingham, WA



Before we talk I usually just feel unprepared, unready for whatever is going on (usually what I'm going to discuss with you). And after I feel very prepared, ready to take anything on. So, I hope that tells you that you're accomplishing your goal to empower people. Because I'd say that sounds a lot like empowerment to me. - K.P. Los Angeles, CA



I have battled with my addiction for most of my life. I felt worn out and ready to give up. Then I started working with Deborah. She gave me the energy to continue. My life has taken a complete turn in an incredible new direction. I have kicked my addiction now and forever! I strongly suggest Life Guidance for anyone battling life. - J.M. Gary, IN



Deborah’s work has brought me to a place of knowing, understanding and loving myself. I now realize why I am here, I see my purpose in life. And, I have learned how to achieve inner happiness. I never knew any of this existed. I highly endorse Deborah. - R.O. Vancouver BC



Deborah’s creation of her work is incredible. I have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and have seen many healers in the past. Deborah’s work far surpasses any of my experiences with both traditional and non traditional medicine. I have total faith I will conquer my disease. - L.K. Edmunds, WA



I grew up around pets, now I am a pet owner. I first came to Deborah because of my sick dog. From working with Deborah I now have a completely new perception of animals. I am able to relate and care for my dog on a whole new level. It’s funny what a little consciousness can do for any relationship. Thumbs up to Deborah's work! - B.N. Phoenix, AZ



My Marriage was falling apart. Deborah showed us the true cause of our marriage difficulties. She gave us easy solutions to what years of therapy didn’t come close to accomplishing. We’re in love more than ever, thanks to Deborah. We definitely recommend her. - S.A. Albany, NY



I love Deborah’s use of Guidance and Energy. I am also working with Deborah in being able to meditate and develop a daily meditation practice. Now I even want to meditate. Each of our sessions have been unique. I’m feeling stronger and find it easier to face the challenges of everyday life. - W.D. Los Angeles, CA



Deborah’s Intuitive and Empathic skills are extraordinary. She found the origin of my pain and helped me to release it. Deborah also gave me insight in understanding the emotional root of how my pain was created. After my session I felt relaxed and full of life. I whole heartily support Deborah and her work. - F.S. Baltimore, MD