Life Guidance Session

At one time or another, we can all feel frustrated, confused, depressed, or even directionless. A Life Guidance Session will help you to create the life you want. It’s about helping you feel the way you want to feel. A Life Guidance Session will get you back on your feet. It will empower you and give you passion and purpose.

A Life Guidance Session will help you to know and understand your patterns and blocks. When you know and understand what’s getting in your way, you can then completely transform and release it. A Life Guidance Session will simply clear away anything that may be in the way of achieving your dreams.

A Life Guidance Session is perfect for anyone at any time in their life. We are all here to learn and grow from our life’s lessons. A Life Guidance Session will make those lessons a whole lot easier for you. If you would like to schedule a session, send me an email.




Healing Session

A Healing session is created from three elements: Energy Alchemy, Life Guidance, and Guided Meditation. By combining these three elements, you are able to transform any pattern or ailment you struggle with.


I created my Healing Sessions out of necessity. I noticed that the typical methods used for dealing with patterns, issues, or emotional/physical pain were merely temporary fixes; bandaids that only addressed the symptoms. My goal was to create a complete fix, something that would get to the root of any pattern or ailment. Through my quest I learned that the only way to truly change a negative pattern, issue, or ailment, was to transform the energy and thought form connected to the pattern. From these experiences, I created Energy Alchemy, Life Guidance, and my own style of Meditation.


I have been gifted with the ability to see why you are the way you are, identify how your patterns originated, and know what it will take for you to transform them. In a session, I will give you the necessary tools to accomplish your goals, and teach you how to develop and use your own gifts to empower and heal yourself.


If you are wanting to heal and transform any pattern, emotional or physical pain, addiction, or disease, a Healing Session is perfect for you. If you would like to schedule a session, send me an email.




Spiritual Session

A Spiritual Session is a session that is custom designed for you, and your spiritual needs. You can learn to communicate with your Guides and the Other Side. And you can learn to develop your Intuition and Empathic abilities. Or you can learn to create a Meditation Practice that works for you and your lifestyle. You can also learn how to heal yourself with Energy Work. Is there something you have always wanted to learn about your spiritual side? If you would like to schedule a session, send me an email.











"I loved the energy work that Deborah guided me through. After asking me what my intention was for the meditation, Deborah guided me with a clear and gentle way through the meditation and energy work. My experience was so real and tangible, I could feel the difference, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was simple and so powerful. I am incorporating this into my daily meditation practice to maintain my health and well being." ~ N.H. 


"Thank you so much for the healing session. I was struggling so much with my meditations because I didn't understand how to do them to feel any benefit from them. With your guidance of going through a meditation with me step by step and walking me through it, I now have a clearer idea of how I can get the most out of my meditations." ~ M.B.




If you would like to schedule a session, send me an email.


My office hours are: Monday - Saturday 8-12pm(pt)

All sessions are by phone.


I reserve the right to charge for canceled or broken appointments
without a 24 hour notice.




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