The energy that you embody is the type of energy you will attract. Loving You is about taking care of you—creating a foundation of self-nurturing and love within. When you love and nurture yourself, you will attract more loving and nurturing energy, relationships, experiences, and people into your life. Loving You includes four tracks that invite you to nurture and take care of your entire being. The first track helps you to embody nurturing and loving energy. The second track releases blocked energy in your spine and hips and fills them with loving energy. The third meditation is a quick and easy visualization of a rose to bring loving energy into your heart, and the final track is a five-minute meditation where you will feel yourself being loved and nurtured. 


What you visualize and feel is what your mind begins to believe is true. These visualizations offer you an opportunity to both feel and visualize yourself as nurtured, loved, and fully embodying this energy. After regularly practicing the Loving You meditations, your mind will learn by seeing, experiencing and feeling—and you will begin to manifest more nurturing and loving energy into your life.  


1. Loving You - Bring nurturing, loving energy into your heart as Deborah gently guides you through this visual meditation—inviting your body to embody the nurturing and loving energy you feel. 


2. Spine Release - Relax, release, and enjoy as you unblock the energy in your spine and hips. You will welcome nurturing, loving energy into these important areas of your body that give support to your physical being.  


3. Rose Visual - Draw loving energy into your heart by visualizing a rose, a symbol of love, as you relax and allow the loving energy into your entire body during this meditation. 


4. Nurture and Love - Visualize and feel yourself being completely nurtured and loved—during this guided visual meditation where you will experience these feelings first-hand.