You Have Two Choices

Did you know that you make 35,000 decisions in a day? How you make those decisions matters. You can make each decision from your heart or your mind. From a place of love (your heart) or fear (your mind). Often times we make decisions out of pattern, we do what we’ve done before because it’s easy and we don’t have to think about it. These kinds of decisions are made out of fear. Anything pattern related has to do with the mind (fear). You will always have two choices, love or fear. You get to choose how you make each of your 35,000 decisions every day. If you are deciding what to wear, or what to eat, you’ll always have the same two choices. If you’re making a decision about what route to take to work, or scheduling your day, you will have the same two choices. The same goes for decisions having to do with your career or relationships (friends, family, intimate, work). You can choose to make a decision out of love or you can choose to make a decision out of fear. Two very different forms of energy, with two very different results. Why does it matter how you make your decisions? 


Think about why you are here. What is the reason for your existence? Are you here to get a high paying job and make a lot of money? Or maybe you want to find that perfect person to spent your life with. Those are great goals, yet most people make these kinds of decisions from a place of fear (pattern). This is a hard concept for the mind to understand, but the heart will understand it completely. Maybe you learned how to do what you do from your family and tradition, or maybe society has influenced your decisions. No matter if something or someone influenced your decisions, you will still have two choices. What if you stopped for a moment before you made a decision and asked yourself, “what do I really want, what am I after, or what is my intent?” When you slow down and bring your energy to the present moment, your decisions can then be made from your heart, instead of your mind. Your mind has everything to do with the past and the future. The heart is all about the present moment. 


To answer the question more fully “why are you here”; you are here to remember where you came from. This is true for every single person on this planet. We are all on the same journey of remembering, yet each of our journeys are unique. You have patterns to help you to remember where you came from. When you are in a pattern negative emotions arise like anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and loneliness. These negative emotions are your cue to bring your awareness to the present moment. When your awareness is in the present moment, you are in connection with the Universe. The Universe will always have a never-ending supply of love for you. You came from love (the Universe), it’s love you are after in every decision you make, big or small. When you make decisions from your heart, you will have learned the biggest lesson of your journey. You remembered where you came from.


When you consistently make decisions through your patterns, the end result isn’t so good. At first decisions made in fear can make you feel happy and loved, but in time the happiness and love will completely dissipate. The feelings dissipate because patterns are there for you to learn from. Then, in an attempt to try to change how you feel you’ll make another decision to check out in some way so you don’t have to feel the negative emotions that surfaced from your fear based decision. The cycle goes on and on. Do you see the madness in making decisions from a place of fear? The result is never positive. Isn’t it time to make different decisions? Decisions that bring you what you are truly after, happiness and love. 


Every day you make 35,000 decisions. You will always have two choices in how you make your decisions, love or fear. Building your awareness is all part of the journey. You aren’t doing anything wrong when you make a decision based in fear, you are learning. It’s all part of the human experience; lessons, learning, becoming more aware, and remembering. You came from love, it’s love you are after in every decision you make, big or small. Isn’t it time to stop the madness? You can learn your lesson right now and choose to make your next decision from a place of love.

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