Time for Play

The energy for May is full of fun, excitement, and play. I’m referring to the kind of play that comes from your heart, true play. Play that comes from your heart has a pure quality to it. Think back to when you were a child. When you played you simply played to play, you didn’t think, “am I doing this right?” or, “how do I look, is someone watching me?” True play is about being in the moment without thoughts of the mind holding you back. When the mind is involved play can sometimes turn into a competition. The mind can also attach goals to play. When a goal is attached to play it means your mind is focused on the future, your mind isn’t in the present moment. Goals aren’t a bad thing, either is competition. When play is rooted in the mind it’s just a different kind of play.


There are so many benefits to adding play to your life. True play releases physical stress; it also helps to clear your mind of the daily chatter. Play doesn’t have to involve a vigorous activity; it can be a quiet calming activity. In fact, you can say play is like an active meditation. Meditation is about being in the moment. It’s also about being able to calm and control your mind.


When you play, you are connecting with the Universe. Connecting with the Universe is extremely important. When you connect with the Universe it helps to remind you why you are here, and where you came from. When you connect with the Universe your life will take on a whole new dimension.


Play brings balance into your life. Most likely your days are filled with things you think you are “supposed” to be doing. That’s the mind buying into the illusion of life here on planet earth. There is so much more to the experience of life than what you are “supposed” to be doing. Play will help you to see that.


Play isn’t just about what you do; it’s about “how” you do it. When you play what kind of thoughts run through your mind? What are you focused on? Are you going through the motion, or are you completely immersed in play like when you were a child? A child isn’t thinking about anything other than what they are doing right there in the moment. Your thoughts dictate how you do what you do, they form your experience. Thoughts bring depth and emotion to your activities.


Now, close your eyes and picture yourself as a child. See yourself doing something fun, exciting, and playful. Go with the first image that comes to your mind. Got it? Next, see if you can translate that fun playful activity into an adult version of the same activity. Close your eyes again and do your best to see yourself doing that fun playful activity as an adult. Can you picture it? Next, it’s time to take action and do your fun playful activity. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time; you just have to do it. Take a moment every week to play a little; this will help you develop a new healthy routine.


May is about bringing fun, excitement, and true play into your life. There are many advantages to play. Play benefits your overall health. Play helps to release your stress. Play will also calm and quiet your mind; it’s the perfect active meditation. True play connects you to the Universe; it reminds you why you are here and where you came from. Play will help you to see beyond the illusion of life on this planet. Now that you have pictured yourself doing a fun playful activity, it’s time to put your visual into action. Do your best to take a little time every week to be completely in the moment and play. 

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