The Illusion

What is an illusion? By definition an illusion is a deception appearance or impression, a false idea or belief, a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted. What about an illusion in regards to your life? Have you ever thought of your life being an illusion? Most likely you would say “no of course not, my life is very real.” When speaking of illusion in regards to life, illusion doesn’t mean that your life is not real. It means that how you perceive your life is an illusion. It’s not to say that your home, car, job, or anything else is not real. Of course they are real, but your perception of what they are, or what they represent, is an illusion. A better way to describe what I mean is to think of your life as a movie, and you are an actor in the movie. You know the movie isn’t real, yet it can sometimes seem like it is. Especially when you feel an emotional reaction towards what’s happening in the movie. 


Here are a few things to remember, illusions are connected to the mind. Your mind will tell you just about anything to convince you that an illusion is real. Your mind will tell you that you should be afraid, you should stress about this and that, you are all alone, you need a particular career, you need to change yourself in order to be loved, the list goes on and on. All of these thoughts and reactions are connected to your past lives and patterns. As soon as you allow your mind to guide you the illusion begins. Then negative thoughts and reactions take over your life. The heart is meant to guide the mind, not the other way around. The mind will always lead you down the path of illusion, the heart will not. The heart is about light; the mind is about darkness. 


So what’s the purpose of an illusion? Whether you are aware of the illusion or not, you learn from illusion. The moment your mind believes in an illusion; you are in darkness. Darkness doesn’t mean that something is bad. Darkness is a way to learn. When you’re in darkness you will feel some sort of discomfort. When you become aware of that discomfort you then begin your journey towards the light. Towards having faith that there is light. Light being the Universe. You will experience one illusion after another, until you finally have complete faith. This can sometimes take lifetimes to accomplish, but I can tell you that the energy on this planet has shifted in such a way that you can attain this kind of faith sooner than later. 


How can you stay on the path towards light when the mind wants to interfere? Practice observing yourself often. Witness yourself as you move through your day. When you witness yourself you have stepped out of your mind (the illusion) and into your heart (the light). When you witness yourself you are observing your life as if it belongs to someone else. You are detached from any kind of reaction. 


Illusion is a perfect tool for humans to use in order to have faith that there is light. Your heart knows there is light, your mind questions that light exists. Your heart knows darkness is an illusion, your mind believes that darkness is real. Your mind believes in darkness to the degree that it will cause a reaction, physical and or emotional. 


Have you ever considered that your life is an illusion? If not today, maybe tomorrow, next year, or your next lifetime. One day you will have faith that there is light. Do your best to witness your daily life. Have fun as you do this, make it a game not something to accomplish. When you have fun observing yourself your energy is in your heart. When you try to accomplish something your mind is very much involved, meaning you have stepped into darkness. Darkness and illusion are not bad things; they are tools for learning. Isn’t that what life is all about? Be kind to yourself as you move through your life, experiencing illusion, darkness, and light.

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