Did you know there is a difference between true passion, and passion driven by pattern? They are actually extreme opposites. One gives you energy, while the other takes energy from you. True passion is connected to your heart. When you’re doing your true passion, you’ll feel a sense of comfort and peace. As a matter of fact, when you visualize yourself doing your true passion you will instantly feel calm and nurtured. True passion will also give you energy. This kind of passion is rooted in your heart.


You created your true passion when you were a child. If you’re not sure what your true passion is, you can look back to your childhood to find out what it is. Children live their lives from an intuitive, heart based place. They are more in tune with their true passion. Take a moment and think back to when you were a child. Think about something you enjoyed, something you did often. You didn’t do this to escape an uncomfortable situation, and you didn’t do it for praise, or recognition. You did it purely because you enjoyed it. Go with the first thing that comes to your mind. Got it? Now picture yourself present day, doing an adult version of that activity. This is your true passion.


Passion driven by pattern is rooted in the mind, which is where all patterns reside. Passion driven by pattern will take energy from you. Anything that is connected to your pattern will take energy from you. When you are doing this kind of passion you will feel a need for approval, as well a need to be recognized. When your passion is driven by pattern you will never feel satisfied. You will feel like you have to achieve more, or go after more, just to feel some sort of passion. In time you can even feel drained from pursuing this kind of passion. Passion driven by pattern can also bring about obsessive and addictive behaviors. 


At this point you might be saying, one kind of passion is good, and one is bad. This is not so. Both serve a purpose. Passion driven by pattern will bring you lessons and learning. This is why you are here, to learn and grow from your life lessons. This kind of passion is perfect for this. True passion will feed you, and help you to feel at peace. This kind of passion will also help you as you learn and grow from your life lessons. Do you see the balance? Duality is part of the human experience. That’s life on planet earth. 


Consider taking a little time to witness yourself, without judgment, when you are doing your passion driven by pattern. Is there something you want to change? You have free will, you get to choose if you want to make a change to your pattern or your passion. And, you get to choose what kind of passion you want in your life. Why not choose both? Dive deeply into your passion(s) this month and enjoy!

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