Manifest Your Dream

Mercury was in retrograde for twenty-five days last month. During that time, you probably felt old patterns surfacing. This happens when mercury is in retrograde. When old patterns come to the surface you can feel pretty uncomfortable. You can feel agitated, sad, angry, and even depressed. There is a bright side to the retrograde. The energy of the retrograde will help you to make positive change in your life. You may not know exactly what that change is right now, but that’s what this month is all about.


April is about using the energy from last month and creating something positive from it. I feel the easiest way to approach this change is by thinking about what you want. Is there something you have been wanting, or even dreaming about recently? Can you see yourself being able to manifest your dream? If not, then there is something blocking you. Do you know what's blocking you? Maybe fear or doubt? If your thoughts are rooted in fear or doubt, then your mind will focus on that instead of your dream. Your mind will create one distraction after another, preventing your dream from actually manifesting. If this is true for you, you'll need to give your mind a little direction.  


The mind needs direction similar to a small child. Say if a small child is about to play with a sharp object you will say, "no don't play with that, play with this" then give them something you prefer them to play with. Your mind needs the same direction. Direction towards the kind of thoughts you want your mind to think about. Positive thoughts having to do with your dream, not negative thoughts having to do with fear and doubt. Does this seem like a challenge? If it does you will need to learn to control your mind. 


Generally speaking, most people allow their mind to control them. The heart was intended to guide the mind, not the other way around. When you let your mind control you, your mind will dictate every aspect of your life. What you do, how you do it, and how you feel as you are doing it. When you can control your mind, you will be able to create the life you want. Your heart will then be able to guide your mind. Which means you will be able to manifest your dream.


When you were a small child your heart was guiding your mind. As you grew older and your patterns took over, your mind began to lead your heart. This is true for everyone. Since your heart once guided your mind, you will be able to do it again.


Meditation is a tool that will help your mind to become more quiet. When your mind is quiet it’s easier to control. And, when you mind is quiet you can hear your heart. Success! Once again your heart will be guiding your mind. 


When you create your meditation routine, I suggest meditating every day. When you practice something every day it becomes easier and easier for you. You’ll also want to make sure you enjoy the time you meditate. Pick a time of day that works best for you. If you have a busy life, add this time to your calendar, or set an alarm on your phone.


Have you been dreaming about something recently? Do you know you can manifest your dream? To help you manifest your dream, begin by giving your mind direction. If that seems difficult, you’ll want to take charge of your mind by creating a daily meditation routine. I know you can manifest your dream. Now it's up to you to take charge of your mind and let your heart lead the way. 



Deborah April 06, 2019 @09:44 pm
You are welcome, I'm glad it helped. Thank you Kayo!
Kayo Jijina April 06, 2019 @07:29 pm
Oh My Goodness, this is all so true, I was/am, right in the middle of it again; all those old patterns surfacing. I suppose it didn't help that a couple of months age, I stopped my nightly meditations. Time to pick it back up again with some direction. Thank you, Deborah
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