How Do You Stop Abuse?

How do you stop abuse? I’m referring to all forms of abuse, verbal, emotional, mental, and physical. Abuse to everything and everyone that inhabits the earth, including planet earth as well. When you want to put an end to anything, it’s important to go to the root. When you go to the root you will find the reason a situation is the way it is. At that point you can find a lasting remedy, then put an end to it once and for all. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a lasting remedy to stop abuse? 


First I’ll need to back up for a moment. Our true home is the Universe, we’re all beings of light and energy. We were born out of pure unconditional love. In time, we forgot where we came from. Pure unconditional love was replaced with fear. This is a normal thing for every human, it’s part of our journey to earth. Fear is the governing energy of this planet, so it would be difficult not to let it affect you. When you feel fear, negative thoughts arise. Fear will dominate your thoughts till you make a conscious effort to make a change. This isn’t good or bad, it’s all part of the journey for humans. 


So, how do you put an end to abuse? As you know you can only change yourself. When you make a change in your life, your energy will shift the world around you. That ripple effect makes a difference to the entire planet. To begin, observe your thoughts. Are your thoughts positive or negative? Thoughts create energy. Negative thoughts create negative energy, which fuels abuse. There are many forms of abuse. All forms of abuse feed off negative energy. Meaning, every negative thought you have will add to the abuse on the planet. All negative thoughts carry negative energy. Negative energy doesn’t dissolve, it grows and grows. Why does negative energy grow? When you feel fear, and think negative thoughts, your first response is to get rid of it. So you pass it on to the next person, and the ripple effect continues.


Abuse doesn’t have to be a part of everyday life. Animals and humans don’t have to go on suffering, neither does the planet and nature. The remedy is simple. Observe your thoughts. Make the choice to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Then stay consistent. Teach your mind to think positive thoughts. You have the opportunity to make a difference every second of every day. Think about it. Every second of every day you can put an end to abuse. You have the ability to stop the ripple effect.


Your mind may tell you that changing your thoughts isn’t going to make a difference. Ah but it will. How do you think abuse began? Where do you think the negative energy came from? Negative thoughts. When unconditional love was replaced with fear, negative thoughts were set into motion. Look at your own life. When you feel good your thoughts are positive, and so is your energy. People notice your energy, right? You instantly effect those around you. That very same thing happens with negative thoughts and energy. We all contribute to that negative energy of the planet every day. Isn’t it time to stop the abuse? You can make a difference every second of every day. Stick with it, and stay consistent. Teach your mind a new healthy habit. Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.


How do you stop abuse? It’s simple, what are you thinking right now?

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