Calming the Mind

If you have worked with me, you'll know my work involves transforming and releasing patterns, as well as understanding the mind. Generally speaking, most of us let our mind control us. In reality the heart was intended to guide the mind, not the other way around. Like most, you probably witness your mind telling you things that simply aren’t true. Or maybe your mind takes you down paths that end in some sort of drama. This is why I have included meditation in my practice. Meditation will help you to take charge of your mind, so your mind won't take charge of you.


There are many different ways you can meditate. One kind of meditation is an active style, like walking, reading, writing, cooking, or being creative. An active meditation consists of basically any activity you like, as long as it feels calming. When you are doing an active style of meditation do your best to be in the moment. Pay attention to how you feel inside and out, and take note of the thoughts that come into your mind. When your mind tries to take your attention away from what you are doing, simply bring your attention back to the moment, and focus on your active meditation.


Meditation can also be more passive, like a seated style of meditation. With this kind of meditation, you can choose to incorporate music, candles, or you may want to hold something in your hands as you meditate. These tools/objects will help you to keep your mind occupied. They give your mind something to focus on, so you can meditate. Otherwise, your mind may try to interrupt you with thought after thought about anything other than meditation.


If you're new to meditation, your goal is to create your meditation around something you enjoy. When you like what you're doing, you'll want to do it often and it won't be forced. Another important key when creating your meditation practice is to make sure you have an intent. Your intent will set the direction for your meditation. Without an intent, you'll feel like you didn't accomplish anything, because you simply didn't have a reason to meditate. An intent also helps your mind to be involved. It gives your mind something to focus on.


This past month has been extra challenging for many of us in this country. Meaning it's a good time to develop, or deepen your meditation practice. If you've felt afraid, out of balance, or unfocused this past month your mind has a lot to do with it. Something has occurred in your life to make your mind feel this way. Meditation is the perfect remedy. See if you can develop, or further develop your meditation practice this month. Remember to create your own style, and make it enjoyable. By next month, you'll find it easier to stay calm and focused, no matter what life brings your way. Have a wonderful month!


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