Balancing Your Life

How balanced is your life? Like most people, your days are probably consumed with work, your phone, and thoughts about what you need to be doing next. Most likely you also adhere to schedules and routines. I get it, it’s a part of life, we need to work, and there are things we need to do. But does that really feel balanced to you? And, are you actually enjoying each day, as well as your entire life? Now I’m not saying you need to play all day, because playing all day would be out of balance. I’m talking about bringing a little balance into each day. 


I know it may seem like there is no time for anything else. Yet energetically speaking, if your days are all about work, your phone, and thoughts about what you need to be doing next, your energy will be contracted. You are an energetic being, so how you spend your day reflects in how you feel. When your energy is contracted, you can feel stressed, anxious, sad, or even depressed. If your mind and body are in constant overdrive, you are out of balance. Being out of balance will catch up with you. In time it will affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally.


The remedy is to bring a little expansive energy into each day. By expansive energy I mean fun. Anything you enjoy doing, or anything you used to enjoy doing when you were younger. Do it again. The important thing to remember is to do your fun activity for a short amount of time. By short amount of time I mean 5-15 minutes’ tops. Why such a short amount of time? If you limit the time you’ll have an easier time fitting it into your schedule. Also, when you limit the time you’ll want to do your fun activity more often. 


Next, you’ll want to do your fun activity every day. Why every day? Every day will help you to be consistent. You need to be consistent because you’re trying to bring balance into your life. I’m sure you can afford 5 minutes of fun each day. That 5 minutes will help you to feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


Finally do your best to make your activity feel fun, and not like work. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy it. Then by the end of the month you can ask yourself, “how balanced is my life?” Your answer will be, “Now I feel more in balance.” And, hopefully you can say, “I am enjoying my life!” 

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