Your True Passion and Purpose

Each one of us possesses an inherent quality, a need for passion and purpose in our lives. Without true passion you may feel lost or depressed. You can also feel an emptiness, like there something missing in your life. You may try many things to fill that void but nothing will do the trick for any length of time.


Or, maybe you think you have found your purpose, but over time you will find that you need more and more of it to get the same “high” as before. This means you haven’t found your true purpose. Your true purpose will satisfy you on a deep level, without the need for constant replenishment.

Visualize It

Visualization techniques have often been used to help people with cancer. By using visualization, they are able to get rid of the “bad” cancer cells in their bodies, and rebuild the good ones. Visualization can also be used to fight other diseases, as well as emotional stress. There are so many ways visualization can benefit your life. You can create peace, transform your patterns, release an addiction, find that job you’ve always wanted, the list is endless. Here are some simple steps to develop your own visualization practice.

The Earth, Your Guides, and The Universe

The earth has been going through a number of shifts this Summer. The easiest way to know when the earth is going through a shift is to take note of the four elements; fire (fires), water (hurricanes), earth (earthquakes), and air (tornadoes). When the earth goes through a shift you will experience change in your life. When change happens you can feel afraid, lost, or alone. How can you feel better in the midst of all the changes happening around you? 

Why Do We Have Pain?

There are many ways we experience pain. Physical pain from an accident, illness, or disease, or emotional pain from an unpleasant past. Everyday life situations can also bring up painful emotions, like stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, and loneliness. We can experience pain that has been carried over from a past life as well. Why does there have to be pain? And why does pain keep coming back? Why do we have to continue feeling pain?

How Do You Stop Abuse?

How do you stop abuse? I’m referring to all forms of abuse, verbal, emotional, mental, and physical. Abuse to everything and everyone that inhabits the earth, including planet earth as well. When you want to put an end to anything, it’s important to go to the root. When you go to the root you will find the reason a situation is the way it is. At that point you can find a lasting remedy, then put an end to it once and for all. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a lasting remedy to stop abuse? 

That Special Someone

Most of us want to find someone special to spend our lives with. We want that person who will complete us, who knows who we are and will take care of us. We want them to know what feels good to us, and what doesn't. And when we're not feeling well, we want them to know exactly what to do to make us feel better. Yet how can we expect someone to do all of those things, when we don't know how to do them for ourselves?

True Play

The energy for June is full of fun, excitement, and play. I’m referring to the kind of play that comes from your heart, true play. Play that comes from your heart has a pure quality to it. Think back to when you were a child. When you played you simply played to play, you didn’t think, “am I doing this right?” or, “how do I look, is someone watching me?” True play is about being in the moment without thoughts of the mind holding you back. When the mind is involved play can sometimes turn into a competition. The mind can also attach goals to play. When a goal is attached to play it means your mind is focused on the future, your mind isn’t in the present moment. Goals aren’t a bad thing, either is competition. When play is rooted in the mind it’s just a different kind of play.

Reach For The Light

Being empowered goes to the root of why you are here. Your soul came to this planet to experience life as a human. The human experience is about remembering who you truly are, and why you are here. It’s also about learning and growing from life’s lessons, which can be pretty though at times. When you experience life’s lessons it can sometimes feel like you are alone in a dark room. Do you know what you would do if you were alone in a dark room? You would probably search for a source of light, right? Sure you might get scared and cry for a bit, or maybe you would get angry and yell. You might even curl up in the corner and feel depressed for a while. In time you would eventually get up and search for a source of light. Once you found the light you would feel a sense of security, your energy would shift, and you would feel empowered.

Blocked Energy

Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this month, beginning on the 9th then going direct on May 3rd. People typically associate Mercury in retrograde with challenges in communication, as well as computer and car problems. People often say it's not a good time to sign any kind of agreement or contract. I understand where people are coming from; problems can arise when Mercury is in retrograde. From an energetic point of view, Mercury in retrograde causes the energy on the planet to become blocked. Difficulties arise when energy is blocked. Blocked energy can stir up old patterns. Which means you may experience a few of life's lessons during this time. Life lessons and blocked energy does not mean your month will be a disaster. Not even close.  

Do You Know What You Want?

There is an energetic shift on the planet this month, in a good way. This shift in energy creates the perfect foundation for you to ask, "what do I want.” What do you want, in your personal life, work, or relationship? Or, what do you want health wise? Do you want to kick a habit and start a new routine? Maybe you want more patience, compassion, or peace? Or how about more love and less fear?  Why not make a shift in your life this month? The energy is in your favor to make a lasting change.  


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