I have been intuitive and empathic ever since I can remember. I grew up knowing things about people that they didn’t know about themselves. As a child I could easily hear, feel, and see my guides. Yet, I wasn’t allowed to talk about any of it. In fact I would get into trouble if I said anything. I was also seriously abused as a child. Getting in trouble for what I could see, hear, and feel, as well as being abused, were actually all part of my life lessons. Since I didn’t have the love and support, I turned to the Universe and my Guides. I also communicated with my Father, who passed when I was young. He has been a loving and supportive Guide for me throughout my life.  

All that I have learned has come from the Universe, my Guides, and my Father. There is no school, book, or human that could have taught me what I know. Because of this I am grateful for the childhood I had. Painful yes, but my experience and learning has been vast, and the unconditional love I have received from the Universe has been endless. 
In a way my career path was chosen for me. My practice is about using my gifts to help people heal and release their patterns, as well as find their passion, purpose and inner fulfillment. Through my practice, I am able to give clients the options and the tools they need to make their own choices, and to heal and empower themselves.
I love what I do. I wake up each day excited to face new challenges. I have seen each of my clients master their patterns and achieve their goals in their own way, with their own amazing abilities. It is a great high for me to see them flourish and succeed in life, carrying a true vibrancy about them, and living deeply in their chosen lives. Yes my past has been painful, yet I know when we face darkness there is nowhere to go but into the light.